Permanent exhibition

The permanent exhibition had become extremely dated, in sharp contrast with the temporary exhibitions which tended to concentrate on scientific research and the topicality of the collections.

The permanent exhibition is structured into two closely linked parts:

1. in the cellars: where the exhibition depicts the history, present day and future prospects of the institution.
2. on the ground floor: here the museum tells a story divided into four themed areas, with Central Africa forming the core, and for which the RMCA either has vast collections or carried out research:

  • Languages and music of Central Africa
  • Biology, landscapes and biodiversity
  • Source of raw materials and human and natural resources
  • Centraal Afrika and its history
  • Journey of life

Scenographer Niek Kortekaas, who is part of the temporary association TV SBA, has developed the scenographic concept used in the new permanent exhibition with Johan Schelfhout, project manager scenography and multimedia.