The Royal Museum for Central Africa (RMCA) in Tervuren is both a museum and research institute on Central Africa.
Since its founding in 1898, its task has been to preserve and manage collections, carry out scientific research, and disseminate knowledge to a wide audience through scientific, educational, and museological activities.

On 1 December 2013 the museum building closed its doors until 2018 for a three-year renovation period.  In the meantime, the scientific institute will continue its usual research activities in Tervuren. Our libraries also remain open to the public.

Pop-up activities
Exhibitions and activities for the public and for schools will continue in various places! RMCA has become a Pop-up Museum!
You can join guided tours, conferences, walks, workshops and more for individual visitors, families, or groups, both on the Royal Museum for Central Africa site in Tervuren and in Brussels.
A special partnership exists with BOZAR in Brussels, where we are present throughout the renovation period in the AfricaMuseum@BOZAR space.

Pop-up exhibitions
The masterpieces from our showcases and other collection items appear in the most diverse places. The museum can be found from Los Angeles to Brussels. And you might also stumble upon the museum’s biggest eyecatchers – like the elephant and the pirogue – where you least expect them.

Sponsor us
The RMCA still needs financial assistance for the interior remodelling of the museum. Would you like to help?

> Find more detailed info on our full website: www.africamuseum.be.